Delight in the Lord

Let not the feverish pursuits for satisfaction consume you.  All of your striving and obsessing end in fruitlessness and guile is your reward, for the obtainment of your desire is not refreshing or marked with freedom – but has the stench of slavery and bondage. I’m teaching you that the way you accomplish or obtain must be My way, so that the reward is as a tree of life. I’m teaching you a new way to walk with Me. Did… Delight in the Lord

Don’t Know What to Pray

Intimates of the Lord, when there are times when a light/heaviness rests on your spirit and only prayers in the Spirit will do – these are the times when the Father wishes to share something very dear with us. He is taking us into His confidence and sharing His heart over a situation. He desires us to pray His will in the earth, to speak His heart over a circumstance for His words will not return to him void. Romans… Don’t Know What to Pray

Walk in the Spirit

Peace, Peace walk, live, breath in My peace. Let your whole being be filled with it. For when you are at peace I can speak to you, I can work through you, I can commune with you. When you are walking in agitation, anger, and bitterness you are walking in shadow and the enemy’s plans are being fulfilled. He has come to kill, steal, and destroy. He can only steal if you give him what was rightfully yours by making… Walk in the Spirit

The Lifter of My Head

Say to Me, “My soul boasts in the Lord, I will not be put to shame for it is God who strengthens me, He is the lifter of My head.” My child, you have been operating under a veil of discouragement, it is a veil, not the truth. My truth is that I work where you cannot see. Only believe, praise Me, and know My heart for a situation and My heart for you. You have been cast down so… The Lifter of My Head

God’s Purpose, Our Position

This is how I want you to always walk – in My peace and power, unmoved by the look of surrounding circumstances.  Go forth into every situation with your confidence in Me. When you fully trust Me you are unmoved and settled. You are not tossed to and fro by every wind and wave pursuing your feverish desires – trying to make a way for yourself. When you obtain/accomplish your goal the result is bitterness mixed with gall for you… God’s Purpose, Our Position

Wait Upon the Lord

Wait, my love. Wait only upon Me. You are not waiting for man, you are not waiting for circumstances to change, you are not waiting for time to render change.You are waiting on Me. Can I not change circumstances in a moment? Can I not bring forth something out of what wasn’t there?  Wait upon Me for all you need, for the desires of your heart. Honor Me by waiting through your unmet desires. When you try to satisfy yourself… Wait Upon the Lord

Walk with Me

Blessings and riches I speak over you. Riches and honor I speak to you. Why do you think I would not desire to speak to you and give you such things? It is My desire that My children prosper and live in health, not that they grope along on the roadways in despair, want, and sickness/misery.  I have come to give them life and give it more abundantly. By My stripes you were healed. You only have to expect it… Walk with Me

Stand Firm & Bless

Stand, in the face of any difficulty, any torment, any silence, stand in Me. I will make a way for you. Lift up your head. I am your deliverer. How good and complete a deliverance I give. Seek not your own way of deliverance. Do not seek your cave, for you will regret not seeing Me deliver on your behalf. Take courage, My friend and see what I will do. Do not hold against them what they do to you,… Stand Firm & Bless

Let Us Be Done with Pride

How imposing pride is when at work within us. Arrogance, conceit, self-importance even self-deprecation as a response to another. These are all methods we use to exalt and draw attention to our high position or our worthless plight.  How deviously a spirit of pride operates.  At times it is as blatant as a storm and even within moments it will mask itself in the stampings of a person who feels they are deemed not good enough, undeserving, or the lowest… Let Us Be Done with Pride

An Exuberant Hope

What do we as Christians, God’s dear Children, the beloved of Christ expect in our relationship with God? What has Christ given us by his completed mission here on earth? He said he has come to give us life and give it more abundantly.  He has also come to heal those who are sick (by His stripes we are healed) and set the captive free. What does abundant life mean to you? If you have a relationship with someone do… An Exuberant Hope

Restlessness of the Spirit

Have you felt the restlessness that is buried under all of our attempts at satisfying our heart’s cries? Have we used a relationship (Godly or ungodly), food, drugs, cigarettes, shopping, reading, computer zoning (Facebook/ MySpace, online games, etc.), television, movies, exercise, work, or anything else to make ourselves feel alive – if even for a moment?  We try to tranquilize ourselves to feel nothing or to gain a high.  We use various elements to make us live on a high… Restlessness of the Spirit

The Hope of Our Faith

Be done with speculation, for have I not called you out to hear My voice, to take what I say as truth and forsake looking at circumstances to form your opinion and reaction? I tell you I give you hope and a good future. Be done with speculation, for this shows not your trust in Me. Would I have asked my people in all the past years to walk by faith and to consult those around them and decipher clues… The Hope of Our Faith