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A Colorful Life

     My love, I know you have envisioned your life in a certain way and thought what you imagined as success would be your greatest achievement for Me. My love, I do not paint your life in this way, I make it much more colorful. Would I have led you only to this place, how normal a life this would have seemed to you. With some I pour through in this way, but with others that will let Me use them to the hilt, and trust Me with their outcomes I use more dynamically.

     Do not despise that your walk will not look as the best you could have imagined. It will be more fitting, more delightful for the way I’ve made you. What a unique sound I’ve given you, My love. What a creative way I’ve made you to worship Me and speak forth My words. You will meet and draw all men unto Me, but how unique will be your method of delivery. For I can do this with you and how this ravishes My heart. You are unafraid to lay down your life and even be humiliation so that others may know Me. Oh how I will draw them to Me through your vessel.

     I draw you deeper into the secret place with Me so that the delivery will seem not of yourself but separated and fun to do, for it is Me through you. You will look to Me with delight as you carry out My promptings to meet the needs of the hearers at diverse times and places. You have been schooled in the ways of man, about the formulas and methods and processes that are acceptable, but I bring you beyond what is acceptable to deliver My goodness spontaneously and practically. Did I walk about healing and raising and proclaiming in formulaic methods, no my love, was it not spontaneous and met the needs of all the hearers made of diverse crowds and in diverse places. Your delight will not be in yourself but in grateful expectation of what I will bring forth through you next.

     Yes, I will provide for you abundantly, for you have abundantly poured out. Do you not know I’ve seen every effort, every desire to even do more. How this giving honors Me and I will give you more to send forth. In new and creative ways will you bless My people and those who will be called by My name. You will not need to ask for every need for I know it already. I have brought you to a place where now I already meet the need when it has just hit your realization that you have need. Know this delights Me, know you are the apple of My eye, know that I see you and care for the details.