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Dear Beloved,

As the Lord give me wisdom and understanding in matters I have wrestled with personally, I freely share these lessons learned. I hope the words shared in these eBooks will impart God’s truths to areas you may have struggled with as well.

Each was written with a deeply humbled heart to serve as an example of how the Lord has dealt with me on this journey of adventure with Him, and display how He made a way. Each eBook is provided free below. If you prefer to read it on Kindle or other device, you can purchase the eBooks from Amazon.

My hope is that any small nuggets of truth contained within may build up the body of Christ and reveal His faithfulness and goodness.

May Jesus bless you with the knowledge of who He is as you seek Him with all of your heart.

In Him,
Traci Frees

You Are Not Crazy, You Are Called


The Longing Heart: What Do We Really Want?