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eBook: Identity

Dear Seeker of His Truth,

Who we believe we are affects everything about our lives including how we respond to others, how we face sickness and receive healing, how we view challenges and setbacks, and even how we respond to God. This book was formed from years of struggle as I mistakenly based my self-worth/identity on how others viewed me, on what they defined as success or failure, and even my own self-efforts at being good enough. 

For any who find themselves entangled in the same trap of the world’s view of identity; for all who have attempted to find fulfillment and worth in their gifts and talents; for all who have been wounded and broken by taking to heart the criticisms of others; for all who have tasted the bitterness of obscurity or felt the depths of emptiness in a crowd; for all who have stood in the overwhelming light of popularity and vainly striven to meet the expectations of others…There is hope!  God’s compassionate heart longs to free you from the identity trap, impart understanding of who He created you to be, and reveal that in Christ you are a new creation and have been fashioned by Him and for Him.

It’s never too late to begin to live out your authentic identity in Christ, to know His purpose for your life, and live in the hope of His salvation. I hope you enjoy this work provided free so all who seek identify have access.

Continually being formed in His image,