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If you’d like the chance to give and change lives, please donate to Camp Victory Life. I’ve known Pastor Frank and Gayle Griffith for 15 years and they are the real deal! They started this mission driven non-profit organization that I wholeheartedly support. Camp Victory Life is a boots on the ground organization providing everyday ministry to those in need as well as travel to provide disaster relief in the form of providing needs such as cooking 3 meals a day for workers, providing relief buckets, clean-up, and ministry and prayer. Please give to their organization if you’d like to support an authentic Christian faith-based organization to shed the light of Christ.

The Site

This site is dedicated to all who who desire to walk on the heights with God through Jesus Christ our Savior. The purpose of the writings is to give hope and light to the body of Christ  – a church without walls – through the building up, pouring out, and refreshing through His word.

The Devotions and Words pages are composed of prayers, devotions, truth-filled song lyrics, links to compelling videos, and God’s words of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding grounded in the Holy Bible and shared from a believer’s heart.

The passages that appear with a block quote bar, such as displayed here, are inspired words from God’s heart to give comfort and refreshment as a fresh drink of water to a weary soul. Such words can be found on the Devotions and Words page.

All the devotions and words are listed by title, or use the Search box at the top of each page to find posts that are relevant to your heart’s cries. When the Lord shares a word it is all encompassing, timeless, and covers so many facets of life and walk with Him that it was more fitting to provide titles rather than categories or dates.

The Vessel

Learn more about the biblical foundations upon which Words of God’s Wisdom are based.

Foundational Beliefs

Learn more about the biblical foundations upon which Words of God’s Wisdom are based.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to YellowHammerIT, LLC for your generosity in hosting and supporting this site to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations.


The information shared in this blog is based on personal experience of the author’s spiritual walk. This site does not provide medical, career, or lifestyle advice and is intended for informational purposes only.