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The Vessel


Dear Beloved of God,

Have you ever had a longing deep inside that you couldn’t put to words? Has there been a restlessness of your soul that couldn’t be satisfied? This is the place of longing, this is the place of enlarging the heart to desire more. Know that these deep desires, often not easily named, are merely signs of waking up to His more. The state of things as they are is not the end of the story, no matter your age or situation. Surrender your one life to His deep calling unto your deep as He woos you to behold Him  – the Way, Truth, and Life, Jesus Christ.

“Wake up, oh sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you” (Ephesians 5:14). For has not God begun to stir your heart to even desire more of Himself. In Him you will find the answers to all your deepest longings and desires. In the one called Jesus, there is purposeful life, encompassing peace, incomparable adventure, overcoming faith, and a holy beauty that will captivate you from time through eternity – this is walking on the heights.

I’ve included the word below that I received from the Lord on May 19, 2016. I wept as He imparted this and reveal here so that you can know the heart of this site – that all may know Jesus as their Savior, Friend, Beloved.

In Him,
Traci Frees


Traci Frees is a follower of Jesus Christ called to proclaim God’s word and teachings from the Holy Bible through writing, speaking, and by any other method or channel that the Holy Spirit chooses. Her passion is to share God’s heart to all those who hunger for the truths of His word. She has served in a variety of roles in higher education and the non-profit arenas which have only been training grounds for things to come. Traci currently resides in Alabama with her husband, Mark, where they continue to discover the depths of God’s love and His desire to pour out upon the nations through the revelation of His word, presence, and beauty.

On May 2010, Traci secured the domain name – much to her surprise- and had no idea what to put on the website. For the next few years she continued to seek the Lord on what do with it. In September 2013, she posted her first blog post from an unction of the Holy Spirit to “be transparent and reveal what I have shared with you.” With no advertisements or marketing strategies, Traci began posting, as the Lord led, and it grew from less than 10 readers a month (mostly family) to over 130,000 readers each year from around the world. How the numbers grow is a divine mystery; revealing Christ to all who desire to know Him is the purpose. The rest of the story is unfolding daily…

Word from the Lord

You have put your effort and focus into posting online so that others may be free and come to know Me. It is I who grow the population, just give them the words I impart to you. How serious you take this responsibility, My love, this moves Me and I pour out more of Myself onto you. You’ve already noticed a new perspective on My word, you find it is living and active and detailed, where before the details you could not see for they were covered, now I reveal these to you to share with the world.

My love, you are enough. You try to mask these words and rationalize I couldn’t mean this, know this. I tell you straight out – you are enough. If you did nothing else but post My words as I reveal them in this I am well pleased. You think it is not enough and you should dance, play instruments, sing, deliver live words, and speak and do all manner for Me.

My love, just operate where I gift you and your actions in these areas will be a sweet fragrant offering unto Me for which I will be well pleased. You desire to do such great acts and go to the ends of the earth for Me, but I have need of you here: to keep My word pure, unadulterated by worldly distractions, and free to all I bring to your site. This platform I will enlarge. Keep providing My word for free, for I freely give it and you freely receive.

Such an important message they will read in these posts – My love I delight in each one. How touched you are for you think this offering is not worthy of My delight or blessing. Continue to be faithful and share as I move upon you, for you are even willing to be transparent before these. I will protect you. My love, your realness lightens the load of others for they feel they are the only ones with these same struggles. I have let you taste of so many struggles without being overcome by any to give you a heart of compassion and to understand these words I give you.

This offering to Me, as you sit before Me and seek My heart to share with the world, touches Me – think not that it is small. I will show you how great it is, for do not I use the simple and foolish things of the world to confound the wise – even a small obscure website started by faith to lighten the loads and bring refreshment to fellow pilgrims I expand and make great. Watch how I will grow this channel and use this tool to reach the nations.

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