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Unafriad and Unmoved

     My love, know how delighted I am with you. I bring you along a path that is higher than where you’ve been. Your road here has been rocky with dangerous gorges. You have struggled and striven, succeeded and failed. I will not leave you here in this place of struggle, for your effort in all of these things was as unto Me.

     My love, even here you began to receive My daily bread to you. Here I have refined you and taught you to stand, no matter man’s opinion of you. Many battles have ensued over this sore point in you. I had to make you unafraid of man and willing to stand against opposition unmoved. Beloved, I can use you mightily with this strength.

     My beloved, I make a way for you.Even with tasks in your hands I bring to light My talents and abilities in you to those far above you. Where before you were dismissed I tell you now I will make a place of honor for you.