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Changed in His Presence

     You recognize that you have been changed in My presence. My peace and delight is present in situations where before you felt intimidation and unrest. I have equipped you to bear more and stand on My heights. How much more I can equip you as you come and sit in My presence.

     This is how I prepare you, you walk in My purposes and rest in My presence, you learn from Me how to handle every situation and I change you from within and orchestrate your circumstances. Come and take your rest before Me. How delighted I am by your presence. How delighted I am that I can move upon you to utter prayers and speak My will as I give utterance.

     There is a shift when you see through the circumstances and smoke screen of fear cast up by the enemy and SPEAK My will into being, when you surround yourself with songs of deliverance. The enemy’s hands are loosed from the circumstance and My word breaks through and heals the situation.

     Continue to seek My heart in matters and speak My will over them.  How mighty a strategy and act such as this is.  It removes the enemy’s grasp and My spoken work and will break through the spirit realm and is manifested in the physical.  I will surely deliver you.

     I will delight you with your time of a coming away to be refreshed in My presence and seek My heart on coming matters and the next direction/steps you are to take. This is not even something you ask for but what I desire to give. I will surely protect you.