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My Vessel, My Authority

     My child, you were made to live in abundance and to give abundantly to others. Through you, My vessel, I will pour forth through your giftings. Come away from the beatings you’ve received from man over the years, the voices that said you could not do it, you were not qualified or credentialed. I tell you the truth, I qualify you through My blood shed for you, I credential you through My giftings.

     Well done, My good and faithful servant, for your obedience to Me in what I’ve called you to do – where I’ve called you to walk and where I’ve called you to stand. You knew I made your ways  in these places, and here I refined you more for My purposes. This is how My beloveds are to walk – following Me in what I say is the pathways for their lives, not in what man says is the next step in this or that.

     I make your way. I credential and qualify you to reach the nations. Oh My voice, yes you are My voice, I delight in you. This showers you with blessing and delight for you have been cast down by man. Does man not cast down those noble vessels I have refined for My higher purposes?

     Man who does not know Me cannot comprehend My vessle’s worth. My vessel, at times you question, “Why Me, Lord? Who am I to do these great acts?” But I tell you the truth, you are my chosen vessel, I restore your footing, I bring you forth in joy and completeness. Yes, I even I Am He who brings you back from the brink for I Am not ready to bring you on to Me in heaven, but to raise you up to be a light to the nations that I Am and nothing is too hard for Me.

     I desire you to reach the nations and pull these back from the darkness and set their feet into My glorious light. I choose you, My vessel, therefore you are worthy, you are able with My power flowing through you. You bear My authority to all those I send you to.