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Until The Appointed Time

     You see My beauty all around, in the beauty of a cool spring morning even in the coldest of winters nights there is beauty in My creation. When you say I am good, this blesses My heart. Many do not believe this about Me. Many believe, faint, then lose heart instead of standing until the appointed time to see My beauty revealed and My will done on earth as it is in Heaven.

     I want to reveal deep things in the spirit and speak to you of delays. I reveal the deep and hidden things so that you can be and set others free. My time had not yet come. I have spoken to you of timing before. A matter may be My while, but there must be an appointed time.

Though the delay seems long and you would like the matter resolved, I tell you in My perfect timing I bring forth and make complete. I set you into your position and give you honor for sharing in the fellowship of My sufferings at the appointed time. I have an appointed time for all your paths and purposes. Yours is to wait, believe, rejoice, and receive when I unfold.

     You have experienced the gall of running ahead and accomplishing on your own to bring My word to pass, I tell you I pour out on you, just be faithful with what I’ve given you and watch Me make a mighty way. I tell you My love, I am working out the details for your fulfillment of My position for you.

  • “Then they sought to take him: but no man laid hands on him, because his hour was not yet come.”  John 7:30