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Out of Your Box of Safety

Oh beloved, how intrigued you are to come out of your box of safety and embrace all I have for you and all I want to do through you. How delighted I am in this. Know this, My love. I delight greatly to walk with you in this way. Completely flung on Me, taking no thought of yourself, but relying completing on Me.

How great will I reward thee for this, and even in this you do not care, you want more of Me. How beautiful I’ve made your heart. How great our intimacy will be, you’ve only begun to experience Me. I will be so heavy upon you that they will sense Me on you, they will smell My sweet fragrance emanating from you. How changed will everything be.

Do I not have the mysteries of the universe to share with you? So much to reveal and pour through you. I have you here in this role for such a time as this. Let me orchestrate your move.  Let Me orchestrate your next steps. Let each task before you be a joy poured out to Me, take great delight in everything I place before you. In all thankfulness and hopefulness, pour out on the least of these and I will make you ruler over much.