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Motionless Before Thee

Prayer: God, I don’t know if what I have to offer is enough. It seems so pointless to offer the little unto You that I have to give of my life, what good will it do? I don’t have all the answers. When I think I do, then my hopes and what I think is full understanding of life is dashed against a stone until the wind is knocked out of me. I stand empty and unknowing looking only to Thee to fill me. I stand motionless before Thee with empty, outstretched arms. At time I don’t know how You will impart, speak, or move upon me when I am cast down. Then I proclaim by faith, “Why are you downcast, oh my soul. Why so disquieted within. Put your hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him.” I wait upon Thee, oh Lord. Then you come and in Your presence all is well.

     Do not despise the days of small beginnings. When offered to Me, did I not multiply the loaves and fish and even that one small act is talked about unto this day. Oh beloved, do not think that I cannot use one small offering unto Me from a pure and empty heart – a heart that seeks Me to fill it. I come upon you, I move over you to multiply your offerings unto Me. Do I not use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. Beloved I delight in speaking to you, continue to offer all to Me and share what I give you.

     You are in a place of seeming obscurity, but what I can do with a heart that is set upon Me. Beyond your imagination I can take you to the ends of the earth with Me. Feed them with what I give you. Break the bread and share with them. I will satisfy the hungry, cut through bars of iron, and refresh the weary with My presence and truth.

     Look not at others and think I will use you in this way, let Me use you as I have planned from the foundation of the earth. I will pour out and pour out and continue to pour, it will be a well of living water flowing from you, My love. I Am has called you.