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Receive to Pour Out

     I desire all My children to be made whole.  My purposes for you will require that you stand on what I have done in your life and what I say in My word I will do.  This healing, even in yourself, boosts your faith and adds credibility to your walk. You will not only say, thus saith the Lord, but look what the Lord has done in Me.

     Even as I make the way for you in your circumstances, I will be with you. You will not fear or be in distress, for I am teaching you to stand. Not to be swayed by size or food or even man’s opinion or expectation of you but to look fully at Me for your righteousness and wholeness. Man cannot do one thing to change/renew your body – make your hair turn from gray to brown permanently or even heal your body completely. But I do all these things. I am even the strength of your heart. What man does is temporal, what I do is eternal.

     Your coming into your new position will be natural, easy, fulfilling not taxing or overburdening. I will pour out through you onto all of these to give refreshment. Come to Me for your fulfilling and do not be weary. Do not operate in your own strength, be very careful to draw on mine. For what I give you to do you must operate on a higher plane, you must depend on Me.

     What a delight you will be to Me and to all those I send you to. I tell you that I train you for more by your tasks today.  View your current role as your mission field, what I do here with you on a smaller scale I will do with you on a larger scale to the nations. I train meticulously.  The tasks may be different, but the outpouring will be the same – it will all depend on you receiving from Me.