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My Beauty Upon You

     I silence the voices of those that rise against you in lies. Those who exalt themselves over you, I humble. Your heart, even now is humbled at My words to you. I life you up, My beloved. I will use you to save My people and bring a governance of peace, not oppression, even as Queen Esther did for her people.

     I have much to speak to you, My love. My love I gently wash over you and overtake you as a wave. My wave of blessing comes upon you.  I give you favor with men. You will recognize My favor when I move upon men’s hearts to be softened toward you. This is how you will walk with Me all of your days, to accomplish My purposes. Working in your beautiful giftings.

     I blow upon you as a gentle warm breeze bringing refreshment and evidence of My presence. I will be so close to you, so real to you even as a breeze, you will feel me all around you. My fragrance will be upon you. You have dared to believe My word is true. That I wanted to do all that I said. That you were even unaware of all I can accomplish with hearts committed to Me.

     I have brought you through a time of refinement to prepare you for My purposes. Furthering the evidence of My kingdom even on earth. Your heart delights in My will being done on earth as it is in heaven. I restore even your body to accomplish all My tasks. It is My beauty that shall be upon you.  I will teach you spiritual truths to share with others.