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I Will Bless You

     When I bless it cannot be reversed. When I bless, I bless in every way.   All will be blessed through you. Through those I bless, I bless others. Do not let your focus be overwhelmed with the small tasks before you, for I have greater for you to do.  I bless you into greatness through the small tasks. Be faithful in the little and I will give you much.  I would not that much would crush you, so I strengthen you in the small first.

     See as I do, My child, look down upon the earth and see the struggles, see the delays, and know that I Am God.  Be not overwhelmed with your circumstances, for am I not greater than your circumstances.  Do I not use your circumstances to refine and strengthen you for My purposes?  I will teach you to overcome your circumstances rather than be under them or driven by them.

     What need ye?  Ask and I will give it, I will abundantly bless. Come to Me and be one with Me and ask according to My will. My heart is good toward you.  Even the miraculous, you may ask. Believe Me, My child, not man. Believe Me, My child, not what those in the media or human experts say is possible or will be so.  For I say what will be so.

     Begin to speak My heart over a situation, not speculation, not how worse the situation can get.  Let this even be a turning point in your life to believe Me and walk with Me for all I desire to bless you with and do through you. Do not fear, but rejoice.  With Me all things are possible.

  • “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” Genesis 12:3