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Renewed Strength & Faith

What does it mean for God to renew our strength? It is putting our hope in Him to make the way, open doors, guide with His peace, and even rest in Him to sleep, relax, and laugh knowing all is well even in the direst of circumstances. Let us no longer be satisfied with doing it in our own and in our own strength, but to follow Him into the higher places where we must depend upon His strength, wisdom, and guidance to traverse the ways He leads us in.

As we step in the flow of the Holy Spirit we can become aware of His guiding and promptings to tell us when and how to accomplish each task. In this there is no more walking in frustration or feeling overwhelmed at the path before us. In flowing in His Spirit there is an awareness of His tender care and concern of all the details. As we stay connected to Him, there is an overflow of His knowledge and compassion to encourage this one or that one or show His love in some other manner. As we follow His leading in the greatest and smallest tasks we come to the end of our day and our lives and look back and say, “My what I’ve accomplished in His strength and with His leading.”

Oh God, teach us to renew our strength in Thee so we may soar to higher levels in you, more aware and walking in Your endless love, mighty power, inspired creativity, heavenly wisdom, and authority. Teach us what soaring with You means. Oh God, it is You who makes our lives purposeful. It is You who makes our steps firm and reveals what is possible.

In the link to the worship song below, let us meditate on the words, lift our hearts to Him, and offer our praise and worship with all of our hearts and might. For God is for us, strengthens us, and desires us to know Him more.

My love, let Me expand your mind at what is possible. Yes, I strengthen your arms for their tasks and your feet for their walk. I strengthen you to stand on the heights, where unredeemed man knows not of. All things are possible through Me.

Delight, delight in your path. Look to Me to brighten your way, to lighten the load, to bring light to show you the possibilities of your circumstance and give you faith to stand and speak forth and see Me move in mighty ways.

Do not wish to be taken out of your surroundings and to run from your circumstances, for will I not gain glory for how I lead you through and with what I pour out of you. Will others not find life in Me by your stand. Stand firm then and do not be discouraged. All is well. See Me through the eyes of eternity, not just time.

My love, how mighty I make My vessels who fully depend upon Me. Let your song of praise rise up in faith I will give you a new song to sing. How sweet the sound of worship from a vessel poured out before Me. Your praise is not in vain. Your waiting upon Me is not in vain. Wait in faith, patience, and in joy.

Isaiah 40:30-31

“Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Worship Song: Our God by Chris Tomlin