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I Will Beautify

     I tell My children, come to Me and I will beautify you. I will restore what the enemy has stolen and ravaged. I will restore your youth as the eagles. Even in this day many seek for the fountain of youth, I tell you I am He. I am the one that gives you eternal life. I set My vessels apart to shine out in this day of thick darkness. When I bring forth a pivotal change I must set the stage and prepare ahead. You have waited for Me to make ready and now I call you forth, My bride, My beloved.

     I call forth My vessels, My treasured possessions, out of their darkness and into My glorious light to walk with Me in My strength I impart. No more days of decrepancy and weakness and futility, but days of strength and vigor and purpose. Be not surprised when you see these things begin to manifest and come to pass, for it has been My long awaited purpose and desire to bring these things forth. Walk forth My love into this new season of My blessing, My outpouring, My strong arm showing Myself mighty on your behalf.

Song: We Will Glorify
Twila Paris,  1982

We will glorify the King of kings
We will glorify the Lamb
We will glorify the Lord of lords
Who is the great I AM

Lord Jehovah reigns in majesty
We will bow before His throne
We will worship Him in righteousness
We will worship Him alone

He is Lord of heaven, Lord of earth
He is Lord of all who live
He is Lord above the universe
All praise to Him we give

Hallelujah to the King of kings
Hallelujah to the Lamb
Hallelujah to the Lord of Lords
Who is the great I AM