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Yet Will I Trust Him

     “I desire you greatly,” you cannot discern whether you say this to Me or I to you, for we are one. Your spirit, soul, and body longs for Me as I long for you and all of My creations to know Me. You have felt in your spirit My excitement, my anticipation to bring forth My blessings on you, to manifest My power through you and show the world what I will do with hearts that are fully committed to Me.

     You are expectant of My blessings and move upon you. When I bless you, you are surely blessed. How great an outpouring you will see and experience. I will send you into all nations to display My mighty works on those who call out to Me and long for My filling, to see evidence of Me working in their bodies, situations, circumstances, hearts. To know Me, they long to know Me. And I say I send you, I have prepared you for such a time as this, and I declare that it is here, My love.

     You have learned patience to let Me work in you as I desire, to bring forth in My time and way, for My purposes. Not for your fulfillment of pride or even understanding of who I am, for I am above all that you can conceive in your mind or imagine. You are willing to speak, “Thus saith the Lord” without fear or trembling of man, but only of a consciousness of Me. You fear Me and believe that I am the only one that can make a way and bring you through.  If I do not bring you through there on earth, then I will bring you to Me.

     You are willing to give Me even your life and let Me spend you on My purposes. You have been tempered to say, “Though He slay Me, yet will I trust Him.” What would I do with those that are willing to give me their all, would I not also give them My all. In seen and unseen rewards, in temporal and eternal treasures.

     I speak to you of a time away, of a season to come but also in this season. For the season you are in will bring you to My purposes for you in the world. You must continue to operate in Me and trust Me with all that concerns you in this season to prepare you and strengthen you for the season to come. Both are important to Me, you will please My heart with each step.  Both the ignoble and noble purposes are important in My sight, so do not despise this season desiring the next. All is in its time.

     I see and orchestrate all that concerns the path you are to walk and are walking on even now. Fear not the future, neither base your purpose and ability and means on what man says is possible for your age, stature, or constitution. I have need of you and I supply all the means.

     Stand strong in your position, knowing that it is I who put you here and not you yourself, it is not your great skill or effort but your heart toward Me, of what I made you to be from the foundations of the earth, that is why you are here now.  If it is not of your own strength that you are here, then it is not of your own strength that you will sustain yourself.

     Come to Me for strength, wisdom and sustainment. Ask Me and I will freely give. When you are compassed about with much care, then you will know that you are not relying upon Me. I wait with unlimited supply and you struggle to find supply for the situation, turn to Me and I will quickly supply. You will see evidence of My great faithfulness.