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His Mighty Acts

     How good I am, men do not see My works because of their distractions on the things in this world and their unbelief. They call upon me in one breath and do not seek me in the other. I would have their breathing in and out to seek Me, to acknowledge Me, to expect Me. Turn from the perspectives of the world, from the expectations of man, and look to Me.

     Do you want to come out of yourself and see what I can do, then turn to Me. Not with half a heart, but your whole heart. What is the thing that distracts you? How little it is to give up to gain all of Me. I desire to pour out on all flesh through My vessels. Let me grow you up into a mature tree that many can perch on and find rest under. Let Me be your satisfaction, not your distractions, not your fears, not man’s opinions. It is in My Word, this way of walking. I reveal it to you now.

     See how much I want to do through My vessels. Come to Me and sit before Me. In the stillness, in the quiet, sit before Me and let Me fill you up. Not one day, but every day. Even in your business let me fill you up. Be My vessel that I flow through continually, I will refresh you.

     Come sup with Me, fellowship with Me. I delight and desire your presence. Your presence is what you choose to give, I do not take it. It is a heart condition. You may be active or still, but your heart condition, your will to give Me your presence is your decision, it’s in your power, this my love, is free-will choice.  At first it will seem unnatural because you have grown accustomed to being apart from Me, accustomed to struggling and being spent/stressed. This is not how I created you to exist.

     I am the well-spring that can flow through you. I can even make your tasks at hand easier, for you will be above them in your spirit and I will give you wisdom and knowledge to know what to do. Seek Me for even wisdom and knowledge of this age. Am I not all-knowing. Does not everything that surrounds you or exists come forth by My knowledge, by My word. See Me for who I Am.

     It is not too difficult to rescue you or heal you or impart salvation to you. The work is finished, My desire is there, only unstop the wells so that My provision can freely flow to you and through you. Do not ask me, “Father , will you please do this or can you please accomplish that, or even think to yourself – is God able to heal even this? For I Am. When you know this, when you are willing to accept My ability a all encompassing, then I can freely flow through you.

     Doubt is hard to recognize, for you and the condition of the world has covered it over so cleverly, disguising it as scientific reasoning or even the natural order of things. I tell you none is too far spent for My restoration. It is not the natural order to be sick and continue to decline, it is My order for you to recognize sickness, present in the state of the world, and rebuke it, to turn it back by your faith. My reasoning is that the affliction is present for various reasons, you know the provider and move your faith to believe and receive.

     It is a natural thing for Me to provide for My creation, for the world that I created, for the beloveds I love. Many think that I do not heal, that I can not intervene, I wait, I watch, I search hearts, I need pure vessels through which to flow through. Forsake all things that are of the world – the distractions, and focus on Me and see what I will do.

     I desire that you have a balanced life – enjoy the work of your hands, enjoy the pleasures of everyday life and in these worship Me. I will give you balance as you ask Me to control your time and give you unction to know what to spend yourself on behalf of. Sometimes I will lead you to work, at others to rest, at others to play and at other times to come away with Me to be refreshed and renewed, for I change you in My presence. I will reveal Myself to you in the everyday. Spiritual lessons you will learn with the common things around you.

     You see the state of the governments and the world, and even the organization you are surrounded with and I will show you spiritual truths in the order and structures of man. Ask Me for I delight to impart knowledge to you. So many mysteries to reveal, ask Me for new perspectives so that you can have greater understanding. How you are living is not the end or the greatest plan I have for you, there is always so much more.

     I will lead you to more as you ask Me and follow. You look at your current state and you are here because you have chosen not to continue on with Me. There is more, I whisper to your spirit, there is more come along with Me.  I have much to show you.  There is more to create, there is more to understand. See it from My perspective and I will show you how to use those things you create. Open your creativity to Me and I will fill you up.

     I have so much more to do through My vessels. Continue to work for Me, continue to dream with Me, continue to imagine with Me until I return, then I will take you on to greater realities and clearer understating. Do not fear the state of the world, for you are mine. Have no fear of man, but stand courageously and excitedly look to Me for the greater, those things that you cannot even imagine yet. Ask Me and I will reveal.

  • “To make known to the sons of men His mighty acts, and the glorious majesty of his kingdom.”  Psalm 145:12