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Rejoice with Me

     I tell you this day good things are coming to you. The enemy has tried to shake you and try you sorely and rob you of My blessings. You have been weak but it is I who is your strength.  Be ready, for these blessings will surely overtake you in all directions.

     Do not be afraid of bad news – for the righteous ones’ hearts shall rest securely.  Let your heart not faint or be afraid for I command and release these things to you. Into your life they come flowing on a tide that cannot be pushed back. Swell with joy for I deliver into your hand My blessings. I give it to you without condition. Your gratefulness for these things will draw your heart to love and serve me.

     I give these to you not because you’ve earned them, but because you believed Me, My word, and had the courage and boldness to ask for them. You dared to look past the reality of what many expect as “part of life” and refused to settle for the mundane, ordinary, accepted path, these “life acceptances” and you asked me for all I had, you asked me for adventure.

     I tell you this day I delight to bring My children on the adventure I plan for them, to have them walk on the heights with Me and walk not in the ways of ordinary man, but in the ways I’ve provided for them – in health and provision and relationship with Me and others around them. Walk now with your head held high in expectancy of these things. Rejoice for Me, rejoice for what I have released to you, rejoice with Me.