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Restlessness of the Spirit

Have you felt the restlessness that is buried under all of our attempts at satisfying our heart’s cries? Have we used a relationship (Godly or ungodly), food, drugs, cigarettes, shopping, reading, computer zoning (Facebook/ MySpace, online games, etc.), television, movies, exercise, work, or anything else to make ourselves feel alive – if even for a moment?  We try to tranquilize ourselves to feel nothing or to gain a high.  We use various elements to make us live on a high and feel wanted, desired, to escape, to feel like our lives count.   We are tired of the mundane. We are restless creatures.  What is our hope?

Each one of us has been created for a purpose. Until we find that purpose we will constantly be restless and searching for fulfillment.  These endeavors are draining, yet we continue to pursue them in a futile attempt at satisfaction.  When we are children of God, through Jesus Christ, we have a purpose.  We must learn to go deeper than our surface emotions and discover our true heart.

I want you to know that I see the inner workings of your heart. I see you. Let me pour out this heart. I see past the hardness, the calluses and this deep heart of yours I desire to mold and pour out. I want that to be your personality, your new reality. I want you reacting, responding out of your heart – not your emotions, not the shallow layers of yourself. The deep places I call forth out of you. 

Those things I’ve put into you that you didn’t even know were there. You’ve seen hints of reactions, you’ve had desires to operate from that place, you are even now unaware of the deep places I’ve created in you – but you will know, you will see, you will operate from these deep places I’ve made in you. 

You were expecting me to talk of your future, of great things to come, of how to get there.  I tell you your future starts from beginning to flow in your deep places.  “As Deep cries unto Deep” – I call forth the true heart I’ve placed in you, the purposes I desire you to accomplish, I desire to walk with you as you learn to walk from the deep places of your heart. I desire to commune with you like this. We will share a greater closeness than you knew could exist with Me. 

Did Enoch not walk with Me in this way? I reveal to you now how he communed with me, from his heart, from his truest self, from the place I created in Him that cried out to Me.  Would anything be impossible for you with us walking together in such a way, communing as friend with friend? I desire to be your friend, not some separated being that you do not know intimately. I call you friend. Many will not call me friend for they fear I will take something away from them, something they love or do not want to give up.

You’ve experienced that I do not ask you to forsake anything that I desire to give you. What I ask you to forsake would only lead to your detriment. I give good gifts and blessings, I ask for separation from those things that harm, drain, and take you from the true purpose for which you were created. How much more would you rather realize your highest purpose/potential for which I created you?

God speaks to us through our circumstances when we are learning of Him – open and closed doors. As we grow and mature and begin to hear and listen to His voice, He will speak directly to our hearts. This is the place of dwelling in the secret place of the Most High. Constantly aware of our deep hearts – our truest selves, the place where God’s spirit dwells.