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Keep Walking Forward

     Let go of your limited mindset of how things should go, how things should be. Let your agonizing control over circumstances drop to the ground. Be at peace, I see the way you are to walk. Do not fear that if a situation does not go the way you think it should that I am not God, that your faith will be shattered. Did not my men and women of old endure much hardship and disappointment but still believed in Me.

     I am your very great reward and I will bless you here and in eternity. Expand your mind, come let us reason together. You see only in part, but I see the whole. Trust that I know the best way for your life. I will make the way for you that you need. Do not fear that you will walk the wrong path when you are seeking Me. I will be the voice behind you saying, “This is the way, walk in it.”

     Be at ease. Do not try to concern yourself with matters that are too lofty for you, just follow Me. I see your heart and motivation and I will reveal even more to you. I reveal to you only what you can take, for if I were to show you all of the areas I am and need to refine you it would crush you for you would try to achieve it on your own. 

     I have more levels to refine you but you cannot bear it all now. You go from strength to strength till each of you appear before Me in glory. I do not judge you, I have come to set you free. My path is delightful, as you trust Me to flow through you and give you the strength to stand and accomplish all the tasks that are before you. This new way of walking is not new to me for it is how I established the works of your hands from the foundations of the earth.

     Do not think that if you get this or that you will have arrived and all the struggle and hardship will be elevated and you will have arrived. I tell you this way of walking with Me, of learning to take on My yoke, and letting Me flow through you for every task is the way you are to always walk.

     You have seen glimpses of how delightful it is to walk with Me, but you run away in your own strength, get battered and tired, then return to Me saying, “Father I can’t do it.” No, in your own strength your tasks will crush you, but I have say let My strength uphold you. Do you not perceive that you are facing the same lesson over and over.

     Learn to walk in Me and I will take you to new levels that you cannot even imagine. You must learn this lesson first. I have an infinite amount of ways to refine you and bring you on into your purposes, do not limit me by thinking your actions, when trying to follow Me, can get you off My path for you so easily. I surround you, I will perfect you and lead you on. Be unafraid to step out, for I will support you. Be led by My peace, and do not let fear stop you.