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Stop Doubting Yourself

Stop doubting yourself. This is not arrogance, but confidence. Confidence that I have called and prepared you, that I prompt you on all you need to do, that you listen to Me and follow my leading, for I separate the present from the future. I see the way that you take and I lead you on each step. I guide you with the end in mind. Would this not produce confidence enough.

You can stay confident and humble – humility is not weakness and self-doubt. It is understanding who I made you to be, it is resting in the fact that I prompt you in the details. It is not pride, but a settled assurance. It is an intimate walking together with a voice behind you saying, “This is the way walk ye in it.” When you doubt yourself, you are doubting that you hear from Me; you are doubting that every situation I’ve led you through over your lifespan has prepared you for such a time as this.

Beloved, I have prepared you. Do I not give wisdom and knowledge of the age; do I not make level paths for your feet; can I not even reveal the hearts of man so that when you speak or write you are diving between soul and spirit, joint and marrow with My words of truth, even words that speak to the specific situation you find yourself in; can I not I speak to the fears of men’s heart in your movements and outpourings and bring peace and revelation.

I will give you a word in season, not just to speak, “Thus sayeth the Lord,” but in how you handle each situation. Do I not prompt you to do and follow up, and when you don’t there is an issue to resolve. Delight in My leading throughout your day, let this be as worship to Me. Relax in the knowing I Am leads you. Be excited in knowing I give you creativity, that I give you higher ways and ideas than man has thought of.

My love, it is not that your ideas are no good or useless, it is that they are ahead of their time. Those around you cannot see the beauty of My plans and the ideas that spring forth from your beautiful mind and heart. Deal with these gently and continue to submit and work, but do not doubt yourself or that you hear from Me. They will see the value and wisdom as they are able, but just delight that I expand you and those around you as they are ready to lay hold to new ways and methods of accomplishing the tasks before them.