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For More Than You Know

     My love, I’ve created your heart for more than you are doing now or can see now, for more than you know. Your present position has been to train and refine you. I had to teach you that you could trust yourself to follow Me till the enth. This has been a time of refining. Such beauty I have in store for you. Your heart was made to work for Me. I’ve made you for beauty and adventure.

     The promotion you wait for is My promotion for you. You have trusted Me and now I can take you wherever I want and have you do anything I need. Your confidence will not be in your own strength or talents or abilities, but in Me. I will share with you the beauty of My creation, and it will ravish your heart. I delight to reveal Myself to you through creation. You have learned that it is not whether the task at hand is menial or great, but it’s your reaction to it.