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I Am Leads You

     I knew of you before you were known to man, I created you, I made you to live on purpose. Hear Me, pay attention to My words, My purposes will stand. All I desire for you to have and do I will make a way.  For I have called you out and set you apart for My purposes.

     You have purposed in your heart to follow Me, in riches in or poverty. You’ve even said in your heart, “though He slay Me, yet will I trust Him.”’  I tell you that this level of faith moves Me to fight on your behalf to display My splendor through you. I’ve promised you My beauty, only receive.  I will continue to make a way for you.

     What have ye need of?  At the appointed time I will restore you. What have ye need of?  You are walking in My purposes and favor, I supply all your needs so that you are fully satisfied. You know I would not give you more than you could bear so as not to crush you.

     The delays are only to strengthen you to bear more. Rejoice in your steps, for I will make your way plain. You have committed your way to Me and this I honor.  I honor as the mighty men and women of old when I made their ways out of no way. I do the same for you. Your days will be lived in delight and not despair, I place My hand of blessing on you and your family and all the fruit that you will produce. I direct your paths, for your hearts are fully committed to Me.

     I Am leads you. Do not fear man, take no thought of them. Work as I prompt you to and pour out and all else will be added unto you. Delight your hearts with the blessings I give you, do not dread the days ahead, but know that I can make even greater ways than you both could try to contrive and dream up or seek out.

     I Am leads you. Set your face fully to the tasks before you and do them as unto Me and I will make your way. Do not give thought to the time it takes, for I will renew your youth as the eagle’s to give you strength and vigor to accomplish My purposes for you here in the land of the living. What a delightful inheritance awaits you here and in the ages to come.