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A Time for Every Purpose

My child I see the path I’ve laid out before you. I see the full road I’ve created you to walk on. Trust Me that I know how to bring you on this journey, that each moment that seems a wasted stop, pause, time of coming away to rest with Me is for your good. A new way of viewing reality will refresh your minds, for you will see daily life through what I desire and can accomplish, not through man’s limited expectation or view.

I see your restlessness in this thing. I see your cultivated desires to go off of My path. The battle in your spirit has been to take you off My path, for I am about to unveil and unleash. Submit these longings to Me as a sacrifice, a sweet savor of letting go of what you think will satisfy and trusting in what I know will satisfy and is best for you, my desires hold eternal consequences for good.

How pleasant your walk will be under My light and care. A heart that is fully committed to me in the strength and vigor I give is rare and beautiful. There is a time to be still and wait on Me to make your way. The doors are shut until I open them.  At the right time I will make a way for you. I hold your paths in My hands, all who touch you I deal with. Be at ease for I have you, My love.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”