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Look to God, Not Man

Beloved, I move upon you and quicken you to hear My desire to speak to you. Even in the night watches you arose and praised Me. This I heard and was well pleased with. Your heart is completely mine. Have no fear, I will use you. Do not travail or fret over the seeming obscurity of your day, for I see you.

I see your faithfulness to the works at hand. I see how your responses and reactions have changed to that which is pleasing to Me. Even your responses are gentle and kind. You have put hostility and rebellion and rage far from you. You have forsaken unforgiveness and bitterness. These things leave a poor taste in your mouth now, for you are conforming your desires and heart to Me.

I am giving you the mind of Christ. I see your desire to tithe to Me, to even give when I move upon you with no questions asked. You I can move through, My love. Know that I am pleased with you and you have nothing further to do to earn My love and acceptance. You are mine and I will not depart from you.

You desire to speak My word now more than to gossip. You desire to seek the truth and speak of the good of others and My hand in the situation rather than to speculate. For you know I have the words of life and I can change any circumstance. But when you and others focus on the circumstance and speak evilly of it, then hope is removed. When you speak of Me, then all things are possible. Ask, how would God like to get glory in this circumstance? Ask and watch Me move.

Speak of My greater ways, for I truly desire to move upon the earth and show My mighty arm. I desire to change not only the great matters but the details of even one.  One whose heart cries out for Me to move and change the seemingly insurmountable circumstances, to remove the suffering and change that one’s life.

When I break through, that one’s life will never be the same. When I move there are consequences that reach into eternity. When I move I bring the heart of the unbeliever into a place of belief and hope. I can change any heart. I am a God of great works and I am a God of details for the least of these.