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Receive from the Lord

Just as the rain comes down to water the earth, so I will rain on you to refresh your parched ground.  I see your weariness, I feel how tired you are, but look up for your deliverance draweth nigh. I will rain My blessings down on you and refresh you, for I have said that I would. Beloved, be weary no more, I will bring these things to pass.

Be done with worry. When your mouth speaks forth complaints your heart is held captive by the enemy.  ow can you flow in My spirit when you are not resting in contentment and peace? Words of complaint break My heart. These words do not give life, they do not produce abundance. My ways are not filled with complaint.  When you complain you doubt My provision.  Let not your heart be troubled. Choose to not doubt, choose to not complain, choose to trust in My ways.

How tender My heart is toward you, My love. When the desire comes it is a tree of life. Take time to listen to Me. I have much to tell you daily. I long for you to share My heart and open yours to Me, even as you did in the late watches of the night.  Hear me for more than you know. I desire to reveal mysteries to you, things you have not yet thought.

My love, I long to speak to you. You run from Me and do not still and quiet yourself for you fear you will hear from Me words that are too good. You say, “Enough, these are too good of things to receive, it sounds too good to be true.”  I tell you I am expanding your borders to hold all My blessings to you. I am enlarging your heart to be able to receive not only My words to you and to others, but to receive all the blessings I desire to give you from My hand. You must be able to bear My presence and receive what I impart to you.

Many do not hear Me for they fear Me or they are unable to receive My impartation – whether word or manifestation – for their hearts are not open to Me. Even now your flesh is restless to hear Me, for what I tell you is too good. My children have grown accustomed to receiving bad news and have trained themselves to accept and expect bad news, negative reports, and the loss of hope in situations.

I tell you that you must train your heart as well to receive My goodness. For is not every gift from Me good and perfect? They harden their hearts to receive the bad and are unable to bear My good or to even have strength to hope for more since the circumstances show different.

Enlarge your tent stakes and train yourself to receive from Me, for I have much to pour out and only those clay pots that are open and not stopped up can receive. A loss of hope shuts off My outpouring, a loss of faith stops up the way, not dwelling on whatsoever things are good, lovely, of good report causes hearts to harden and be unwilling to receive My great gifts and words of life.

Hear this truth, learn this truth. When My children dwell on the evil and darkness then their hearts are taken captive and they receive the fruit of that way. But when their hearts are fully Mine and open to Me, then I can pour out as I will. And do know, I have much to pour out. This is a foundational building block to manifest My presence through you to fully experience Me. My word to you today is RECEIVE.