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I Make You Stable

     My love, you are encompassed about with much care. Have I not said, Rest in Me and I will make your paths straight. I will lead you along the best pathway for your life. I have shared My heart for you. Yours is only to wait and accept when the time has come.

     Do not fight and rail against the seeming circumstances, for I have made a way for you. A way that you cannot yet fully see. You hope that the way is there, but I tell you it is. These last days have tested your flesh severely, for you are coming to the end of your training ground, to the end of waiting to see My promises fulfilled. In silence you wait, but in hope and praise.

     Rest in Me. I will give you all you need to accomplish your tasks. Has not your name been brought up in conversations you were not privy to. Have I not raised up voices to shout and overcome lies told by the enemy. I Am He who gives you favor with those in authority.

     “Why me,” you ask, “I’m unstable in all my ways?”  I am making you stable, I am giving you a firm place to stand, I am teaching you to walk in a way that is not natural to your flesh, but to follow Me on the heights in all strength and vigor. I Am He that promotes you. I move upon men’s hearts. I am He that causes you to stand. I Am He that brings deliverance for My people and establishes a governance of peace.

     My love, your actions as unto Me in the past have proven your character. I have need of you for such a time as this. I need you working in your giftings to stand and uplift those around you. It is I who give you the wisdom and learning of this age. What others cannot comprehend you will know and through your wisdom that comes from Me you will share and shed light on issues that seem impossible to overcome. All things are possible through Me who  makes your way.

  • “Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’”   Matthew 19:26
  • “Jesus said unto him, ‘If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.'”  Mark 9:23
  • I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”  Philippians 4:13