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No Lows, Only Stability

When people serve God and see His great works or even feel his weighty presence often there is a place they come to afterward when they feel emotionally low or even depressed. We feel these lows because we want to be back in that place of glory with Him. When we find His pleasure in even the common tasks, then we experience no lows for we can always feel His presence. As we practice the presence of God and do every task as unto Him (from the least to the noblest), we become more aware that He never leaves us or forsakes us. This is very important for those who want to see great manifestations of God.

     You do not fully understand  all I want to do with you. As you give yourself to Me, your cares, concerns, even imagination of what is possible I will bring you to levels in Me and experiences on earth that you could not imagine.  ou will know it is Me who does this.

     Can I not give you a purpose/a job that delights your heart? That I’ve created you for? That I pour through you to pour out to others with?  Do not consider titles of men or levels you want to reach in an organizational order. Just consider Me, I will place you where you need to be to pour out.

     Whether you are in the kings service or a servant, be content. I will pour out mightily through you as you let Me flow through you in any position. Your days will be filled with excitement knowing that I can do anything. What an adventure, My love.

     You will delight in every task you put your hand to, whether doing wash, proclaiming My words, or laying hands on the sick and seeing their healings manifest. You will rejoice in all these for you will do them all as unto Me. From the least to the greatest task, when you do all as unto Me, there are no lows only stability. You gain your satisfaction in knowing you please Me in all things.

  • “They that trust in the Lord shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever.” Psalm 125:1