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My Purposeful Vessel

     Do you think I would forget about you? Do you think I would not use a heart that is committed to Me. Do you think all the training I’ve put into you, the refinement, the long-suffering to get you to trust Me was for naught? Do you think man can thwart My plans for you?

     You’ve lived in a place where you believed this and your heart has been filled with anger and bitterness. Forgive those who spitefully use you and know that I will fulfill all My purposes for you. For the eyes of the Lord look throughout the earth seeking hearts that are fully committed to Him. My eyes are upon you. My hand is upon you, I shelter you under My wing.

     I will use those giftings I’ve put into you. Be still and faithful where I have you now and let Me make your way. Stay close to Me to fill My promptings, but do not panic. Be at ease, for all is well. I declare to you this day, all is well. Even in the face of evil men and principalities and powers of darkness working to accomplish the enemies plan and choke out My truth and light. I tell you I will use you.

     I will raise you up to be  standard of righteous and light, an ambassador for Me.  A place where My people and those who will be called by My name will come and find refuge. I will flow through you, this yoke will be easy, not burdensome. You have been through many trials of diverse kings, some of your own making, some of the makings of man and the enemy. But I tell you I will use you.

     Not one part of what you’ve committed to Me will go unseen by Me. You commit the works of your hands and the meditations of your heart to Me, and I will work in you the good I desire and bring forth a beautiful thing here in the land of the living.

     Be done with anger and judgment, for I see you. Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord. Do not fret when men succeed in their evil schemes, for I Am their ultimate end and judgment. Yours is to follow Me. Be at peace, My love, for I have you right where I want you. I will use you to pour out in My own time and own way – do not try to reason out how, just know I will.

     Let this revelation of My purposes flowing forth from you be a delight to you. My love, know I delight in you. Do the tasks before you and I will give you greater. Each one, no matter how small or menial it may seem, goes unnoticed by Me. Can I not take even a few fish and loaves and feed the multitude, so too can I increase each small thing you offer to Me with your whole heart – those actions seen and unseen of man. I see them all. Be not discouraged, My beloved, for I have purpose for you. Live in this revelation, for it is true. I Am sees you.