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Mighty on Your Behalf

     You come to Me with a thankful heart, blessing Me for even those things which are still unseen in the natural. I tell you the truth, this kind of faith is greatly pleasing to Me. You see past your circumstance and look into those things I’ve spoken to you of My will and with your whole heart you are thankful for those things.

     What is seen is temporal, I can change circumstances in a moment. What is eternal is your faith and belief in Me. Your faith brings forth My will on earth as it is in heaven. Your faith moves Me. You say I am good, and this is truth, does not every good and perfect gift come down from above from the Father of heavenly lights.

     Even when you stumble you look ahead knowing that I am your righteousness and that I do not change. My love and grace are sure, though your strength and your heart my fail, I am the strength of your heart and your portion forever. All things are possible through Me. Do not be limited by your own understanding, for I am greater than your imagination. The best that you could conjure up in your mind, I am greater than even this.

     Consider the bleakest of situations that is before you, I can do exceeding abundantly above all you ask or think. I can make your mouth open wide with awe at the move of My hand. Believe that all I said is true. Know what I walked the earth to accomplish and believe in Me.

     I will not only take you through this life and give you a place in paradise for eternity where there is limitless possibility, but I will also make you more than a conqueror here on earth, to overcome the evil one, to dispel darkness in every way – in sickness, in despair, in financial straits, even in governmental oppression, I can make you to overcome and can accomplish all I please through you. For did I not say I have come to give them life and give it abundantly, even here on earth.

     I have limitless stores of resources and ways to make, My strength is unfailing, nothing is too difficult for Me. Believe Me, ask Me, come to Me and I will show Myself mighty on your behalf.