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Stand and Build Up

     Have I not given you favor with all those you walk before? Do not doubt, do not complain, do not behave harshly toward others before or behind them. I will make your way as you continue to follow Me. There is much for you to do here.

     My love, you have stood in a place of difficulty, misunderstanding, and hardness. Do not do unto them as they have done unto you. Be still and watch how I will give you responses to questions, words to say in season, and super natural ability to understand the ways and methods of man. You even sensed a draw to go beyond where you are now. When you speak in your own strength, you have cognitive dissonance. When you let Me flow through you, then all that you say is My responsibility. I give you grace in this place of learning. How great I make your way.

     My love, there is no place of frustration or negative emotions, for I will give you understanding even into the hearts of man. It is not your place to judge, but to give grace. I bring light so that you can speak My words to those in season, not your own judgments or understandings.

     As My children grow up into their gifts and I reveal more to them they tend to run off in their own strength, stay in this place with Me. Quiet, reserved strength is where I have you. I do not call you to take on an army but to stand in My presence and let Me flow through you. I will prompt you with what you need to do. Do not fret if you are not included in conversations, do I not know all that is, will I not even reveal to My servant what you need to know.

     Be at ease, I will lead you step by step in this path. Beloved, what I Am bringing you into is a new way of leading – a building up rather than tearing down.