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Fully Employed

     My love I speak to you with My joy complete. I rejoice fully at what I am pouring on you. Continue to learn this walk with Me more and more until it becomes like breathing in and out for you. Hear Me when I say I’m delighted with what I will pour out on you. Receive it with thankfulness of heart. Yes, I have changed you in the inner places, your walk, stance, and demeanor are new wine skins to receive and bear what I pour onto you.

     My love, you have done well in learning to wait and waiting for Me to move. This is vital in your walk with Me. When you are at peace without a title or position and you are content just to serve, then you are ready to be lifted up and fully employed. I am telling you of this before it occurs in the natural so that it will not be a surprise and your joy may be complete in Me.

     Do not fear, I will uphold you. I will strengthen you and give you insight from My stores of wisdom and knowledge, so be not afraid or overwhelmed. I will amaze you at the words, wisdom, and knowledge I give you to fulfill your role. I give you the wisdom and knowledge of this age to know how to handle each situation. I am giving you also a heavenly perspective to relate the everyday  to the spiritual.

     There is a way to honor Me and walk with Me in any vocation. Were not My men of old on the career path of their age? I had sheepherders, animal husbandry, assistants to pharaoh (administration), even those in the legal arena – judges, and political figures.

     My truths apply to the needs of this day. In every profession My scriptures apply to their walk and I am real in the workplace, even as real to those who dwelt in the desserts in the beginning days. My people just dwell in a different time and environment, but the truths are the same.