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On the Cusp of Blessing

As I was listening to the song linked below, I began to sing in the Spirit.  A deep outpouring of His presence came over me as I received and typed the following words.  Delight greatly in Him, oh beloveds, for He cares for you.

     You are on the cusp of My blessing being poured out, of My anointing pouring through you, of great and deep and wide knowledge of Me and My ways. You have sat, and sought, and waited, and cried out to Me for more of Me, that they all may see and know Me.

     My love, I Am your God and there is no other. I have seen and know you, I see each cry each longing, all is laid bare before Me. I will bless you and your little ones, I will bless all that you touch – all that belongs to you and all you come into contact with, ask Me and I will bless it.

     I greatly desire to greatly pour through you – to draw all men unto Me. Have I not always raised up those who would show the lost and desolate My ways, to say, “this is the Lord’s way, see His might and power.” I have come to seek and save that which is lost. Do not see in color or race, see only the needs I long to fulfill through you all. I desire to heal the nations.

     Oh, cry out to Me in spirit and in truth. Worship Me and cry out to Me let your worship and need be uplifted in the same groans and voice – for I know all that you need. I pour forth mightily to saturate all your needs and to spill over onto those around you so that there is NO Lack.

     Feel My anointing – there is a place in My Spirit where every tongue shall cease. Deep cries unto deep in the rush of My waterfalls, every wave and breaker has washed over you. I give you a new song, My love. I give you a new song to sing unto Me that will speak to the hearts of the desolate and impart freedom and draw them to Me. It is the sound of the hearts cry to the one who gives breath and life.

     Open your eyes to Me, even in how you view the everyday workings and those things which man has taken for granted. Open your eyes to Me and let Me teach you of spiritual truths in the common ways. I will show you many parables of Me and My love toward man.  How I desire to come and sup with him and walk with him in the common ways.

     I want to be a part of your everyday. Then that which was ignoble will be noble for I anoint it, My presence saturates it and it is holy.