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I Make You To Overcome

     I must teach you to stand so that I can bring you to a higher place with Me, a place on My heights.  The air is better up here. There is freedom and authority and a flow of ease of My spirit, unblocked by your fleshly hindrances, doubt, and unbelief. This the place where the milk and honey flows.

     I teach you to stand. Great blessings I am about to unleash on you, and this is your stand to receive these. This place is where you will flow in My spirit, I will pour out not only on you but on those around you, for I have refined you to be My vessel that allows the easy flow of My Spirit, My power. To encourage others, to pour My great works out on them, this blesses My heart.

     Your heart is completely Mine and you desire Me. Even this I reveal to you. You just want Me, My things, My ways, you would go anywhere I send you and do any work I had you to do. Though your flesh rises up at times, your spirit man is completely mine. You always come back to Me.

I will refine away the dross and your selfishness, this comes with daily trials and practice. Do not look at this, for you are justified in Me, this is only a behavior I will train out of you. For My beloveds will not behave in this way, but face each circumstance with a calm and peace that I give them, knowing that it does not matter what happens to you, for I have you.

     No fear of what man or circumstance can do to you, for I have you, I make you to overcome, I heal you, I deliver you, even from accident or injury. Your reasoning will be that I am able to deliver, even if you don’t see a way out.