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Do Not Delay

     I have chosen to speak to you but at times you have not chosen to listen and hearken unto My voice. I have much to say. Listen to My word to you, spend time with Me and receive My impartations, for you will need the wisdom, knowledge, power I give to you in our intimate times together and what I must reveal to You in My word and put into you through My word – the foundation I am building within you, the storehouse I am filling and am about to open up to feed those who have hungered for Me, for Me unveiled – not part of Me but Me in My fullness, My manifest power, and My heart.

     I have desired to call you into this and have chosen to use you, only listen to Me and I will bring you into it. Do not run from Me or delay at hearing My voice , spending time with Me, or reading My word. Do not try to numb yourself and think you can put off your purpose – it is here I declare it this day.  My purpose for you is now, not in months or years, but now. It will no longer wait for you to cast off stubbornness and your slumber to My call, it is now. 

     Ask Me how to use each moment fully.  Do not think you can wait until you are walking in abundance and promotion but begin now to step out in Me, and to seek Me as though you have them already. I will fund your purposes and endeavors.  I will abundantly provide for you a way, My way. My child I delight in this way, I am excited to reveal it to you and share it with you, for us to walk in it in closer relationship together.