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Freedom, Supply, & Purpose

     I untie your knots. Many need this release and they look here and there for freedom. I Am the one who unties your knots of all you have been entangled with here on earth. I release you so that you can walk in freedom and in My splendor, shedding light on all hose you come into contact with.

     I Am your limitless supply. You say to Me, “There is too much of a need.” I Am your supply. I Am your fountain of living waters flowing from your belly pouring out and drenching the land. Pour out with your voice in speaking and in praise, in groans that words cannot express. Pour out with the works of your hands, working in My groove not in your own efforts to make your own way or to feel purposeful.

     I Am your purpose. Were I to say sit, stand, or walk your purpose is in Me. Do not look to accomplish great things in your life or find your satisfaction in the works of your hands, look to Me to be your satisfaction, for what I created you to bring forth is all I needed you to do. In doing this, great is your reward in heaven.

     Learn to walk in Me, to be faithful to Me. I desire obedience, not sacrifice. Some knots you have tied yourself into and some others have put a yoke of despair and burden upon you. Come to Me, for My yoke is easy, My burden is light.