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Rest in Me Again

Sometimes before the breakthrough we encounter immense resistance in circumstance, with internal struggles, with mind wars. We may be tempted to throw our hands up and say, “Enough! I’ve had enough!” and turn and go our own way. Even some would say, “I’ve followed God all my life and look where it has gotten me! I’d be better off going the way of the world and doing whatever I want.” Such, dearest hearts, is the lies of wordly wisdom we encounter from the warfare we experience when contending in the faith. We proclaim when there is no evidence, we believe when our feelings betray us and even our own hearts whisper, “What’s the use?”, we stand and worship Him even though it seems like the very opposite of God’s will is being done on earth. Be of good cheer, receive the words from the Lord and find contentment in resting in the shadow of the Almighty once again, rest beloved, then take up your shield of faith and go to battle again.

Oh beloved, how weary you are from the battle. How it has raged around and within you. You have held out your voice to declare My truths over every circumstance both internal and external and I honor your faith. Even the faintest sound of worship and the smallest fiber of belief I move upon, I notice, I delight in. In your weakness I make you strong.

My love, you do not see the full way yet, but you trust I will take care of you. Even as the small ones (puppies) look to you in total trust that you are there to care for them and not harm them, as they look at you with innocent and trusting eyes, expecting only a full acceptance of their endeavors, so too I receive and accept you. You, my dear one, stand before me looking intently, hoping I will care tenderly for you and shore up all that concerns you, my love I do this and desire to do even more. You’ve begun to speak beyond yourself and proclaim for others around you who were affected. How I’ve enlarged your perspective to see what goes beyond affecting yourself.

I strengthen you to stand in a hard place. You seek and beg for Me to move you, but I tell you the truth, I will make your way right here. Stand triumphantly, out of a place where before you had no strength and I will be strength for you. Battle with My gentleness and let Me go before you and make your way. I surely will. Listen to My unctions and I will give you words to say at the right moment.

How refined this position has made you, how much you have accomplished here. My love, I can move you in an instant, but I hold you still a while longer to show you that my arm is not too short to save, even as the children of Israel stood against a vast sea with an army breathing down their necks to destroy them, I ordered their steps and their steps were secure. So too I make a mighty way out of no way, I change hearts, I bring favor, I do this for you My love. Oh there will be time for other callings I’ve placed in your spirit, but I use you right now where I have you. I make a way unexpected. Watch what I will do. You will overcome by the word of your testimony and the blood of the Lamb.

Psalm 119:160-162

“The entirety of Your word is truth, and every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever. Princes persecute me without a cause, but my heart stands in awe of Your word. I rejoice at Your word as one who finds great treasure.”

Revelation 12:11

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death. “