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Godly Governance

How does a Godly leader operate? Be it on a small or large scale, we are always influential in someone’s life, so it is important to understand how to function in a leadership style that bears fruit and is pleasing to the Father.  Here is a word received from God to enlighten our understanding about Godly Governance:

     I reveal mysteries to you, My love.  Those who lead by oppressing others govern out of fear. They keep silence on the people under them, for they are unsure how to keep their paths straight. They are afraid of being unable to contain, so they repress and put down.

     I give you a new way to govern that they know not of. You will delight in order and creativity, for this is My very essence. Order and creativity. These seem conflicting, but under My guidance they are as masculinity and femininity – meet and fit and able to produce fruit.

     Give them boundaries to plant and cultivate, not chains and bars of iron. Set up guide posts, not walls. Release My people to awe and amaze.  I draw all men to myself in this way. The fire burns brighter and brighter and gives warmth, but it is not used to scorch and force perfection. Govern with grace, not an iron fist.  Be surprised at a negative report, do not expect it.

     As you release My people those who are called by My name will flourish and I will awe you at the works I create in them.  Oh, how this excitement will spread. The excitement of working in one’s gifts. Speak to them of new ways and spark their flow. Those who will be called by My name will be drawn to this flame of excitement and genuine respect and love. Can you measure the potential of all my creations? Unleash it and reward it, do not try to reign it in.

  • “This is what the Lord says –  your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.”  Isaiah 48:17