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Unafraid to Press On

     How unafraid you are to receive from Me, you are overtaken with awareness that I desire to impart and reveal and without fear or dread you come to Me, even with an excitement of whatever I bestow you willingly and joyfully receive. Oh love, this pleases Me greatly. How much your trust has grown in Me. Where before you said, “Lord you have to take care of Me.” Now your heart swells with anticipation of what I could be doing next, of what I am calling you to as your next steps.

      Even in looking back you see the challenges and victories you faced to bring you here at such a time as this , and yet you are still willing to lay down your life and say, “Here I am Lord, send me.” This heart of considering not your own life to have more of Me, to share more of Me ravishes My heart. How close we will walk, My love. Closer still than you’ve experienced yet.

     Will I not reveal the hearts of men so that they may be free, to show you what binds them, what oppresses them, and give them words of knowledge to break their chains and set them free. It will seem a natural next step/action for we will be so close you will breathe Me in and exhale My words to give life to another, to bring light to the eyes, to set the prisoner free. How beautiful the feet of those who carry the gospel of peace.

     You’ve become aware of My presence, of sounds of My Spirit rushing in, I am making you more aware of My movements in the Spirit, for do these not influence the hearts and courses of men. Bridle your tongue and speak evil of no man, speak not out of your own understanding, but build up and do not tear down. In doing this how delightful will you be to Me and others. I will change your life walking in this way.

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