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When You Know Not

     Behold Me, for I give you life. I give you beauty that the world does not understand but will draw all men to Me through My beauty in you. Even in your lowest valley I Am there. When the enemy encompasses you like a flood I Am there, I speak life into you and move you on into My purposes.

     What the enemy means for your harm and destruction, I overcome with My light and truth and display My glory on you, through you, and in the works of your hands.Even in a place where you know not your next steps or even a way out, when you know not your next thoughts I Am.

     I come to you and gently speak to you with a still small voice even in the midst of the turmoil and say to you I have purpose for you. Though you may even say, “Why Me?” Even as those from of old that I called said, “Why Me Lord? It is because you ask this out of a humbled heart and contrite Spirit, knowing that not in your own strength can you make this great move or accomplish this great thing, but only in Me can your way be made. It is here that I whisper to you, “I will fulfill My purposes through you.”

     I will move upon you and through you to even give life to others. When you thought you even had run out of life for yourself, I will fill you up so much that you will even pour life onto others and shed My light in the darkness. This is how I move upon My servants. This is how I make you great. When you come to the end of yourself, I Am.