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God’s Purpose, Our Position

This is how I want you to always walk – in My peace and power, unmoved by the look of surrounding circumstances.  Go forth into every situation with your confidence in Me. When you fully trust Me you are unmoved and settled. You are not tossed to and fro by every wind and wave pursuing your feverish desires – trying to make a way for yourself. When you obtain/accomplish your goal the result is bitterness mixed with gall for you did not wait for Me.  When you walk in My ways you are led by peace and a mind-set that nothing is impossible.

What strength you have when your confidence is in Me. When you make your own way what confidence is there that I will help you, your courage and strength will fail and be spent for I am not there to supply your need/strength.  When you walk in My ways, in My time, in My path for you; when you are exalted by Me then the fruit of your labor is sweet and our relationship is propelled to a closer walk.  Is that not how I said I wanted us to walk together – like Enoch walked with Me, as a friend, as a close companion.

In your pride you have tried to exalt yourself and did not wait for Me, you wept in your spirit for you knew that was not My path. You see now how you can make a way for yourself but it will never be as good and life-giving and abundant as the position I have for you. 

In the past you knew to wait but did not trust My voice – you panicked and thought the only way for you to provide finances and secure a higher position (exalt yourself) was to move forward with the only visible opportunity you saw. I’m teaching you to trust My ways and wait for Me.  Did you not hear Me each morning and every night saying, “this is not the way.” But you tried to reason out why it was the only option.  You are now humbled.

Pride means nothing when you know you have not received My best for you. Position, title, recognition are tasteless to your mouth when you’ve attained it apart from Me.  I am your goal, I am your position, I am your exaltation. When you have Me and I set you in your place I’ve made for you then My overflowing life-giving Spirit spills out onto others.

Let your only consolation be that you please Me. Perform every duty, every action, every creative endeavor for My pleasure – not the praise of men.  When you are here then you will be unmoved, unswayed by the opinion of Man, for My opinion will be the only one that matters.

It is I who give you favor with men, it is I who soften their hearts toward you. Did I not soften the hearts of the rulers for my men who were called to lead My people.  I gave them favor to obtain an exalted position – a position for My glory – a position that would not overtake their hearts and bring them to pride, but would humble them at the works of My hands on their behalf.  My love, are you too not called  for a specific purpose that I will use you for, a role that without Me you could not fulfill.

Be led by these true desires of your heart, for this is how I lead you, knowing the intents and purposes of My heart I commune with yours and change your desires. That is why you must live out of your deep places – for this is where we commune. Not out of your logic – for do I not defy logic?  My love, I take delight in leading you like this.

Do not be afraid for I will not leave you desolate when you trust in Me and wait for Me and walk with Me. See the lilies of the field they neither toil nor fret, but they grow.  hey fulfill their purpose, they know My intent for them. Stand in your purpose. When you do this none of your moments are wasted.