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The Lifter of My Head

Say to Me, “My soul boasts in the Lord, I will not be put to shame for it is God who strengthens me, He is the lifter of My head.” My child, you have been operating under a veil of discouragement, it is a veil, not the truth. My truth is that I work where you cannot see. Only believe, praise Me, and know My heart for a situation and My heart for you.

You have been cast down so that it was hard to even think straight and breath. You press along trying to do the tasks at hand, waiting and hoping for Me to intervene. You have set your face like a flint to learn My words and My truth and you will not be moved. This is a place of trial and growth, for you are learning to believe in the face of nothing, no evidence, no change in circumstances. You are learning to believe Me no matter how it looks.

I see your belief and it pleases Me. I do not judge your missteps, for you are learning to walk in My ways, when you lose your footing and find it hard to believe Me, you come back in repentance and humility knowing that I am and My ways are the truth. I teach you to follow Me, I will strengthen you to stand on the heights so that you will be unmoved by circumstance or how the sea looks in the storm, for I am the one who calms it. Only stand in strength and be unafraid and watch Me work.

Praise Me for the strength of My right hand, for I will surely move upon you and make a way for a believing heart. I tell you now lift up your head for your redemption draweth nigh. I withhold no good thing from you. In My timing and season I bring forth fruit.