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I Am the Light

     I Am the light of the world. All who come to Me will no longer dwell in darkness, for light penetrates even the deepest darkness. Whatever causes fights and quarrels among you, robs you of your peace, make you anxious or fearful these are not of Me. Take heart ,I have overcome the world.

     I give rest to the weary and those who  can no longer walk, I strengthen their ankles. I broaden the path beneath you to give you a better way to follow on with Me. I have called you out to be above and not below. To overcome and not be defeated. I will be your strength, wisdom, all that you need.

     I know all men’s hearts. Those who claim My name but have none of My fruits I know.  I know their hearts and what they do unto you they do as unto Me. Vengeance is Mine, I will repay says the Lord. Can not I make even a great way for you than what you can ask or imagine. Come and meet with Me for here your strength, healing, life you will find. I will even give you strength to life those up around you, for it is My love, My compassion, My desire that works within you to will and do according to My good pleasure.