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Fear, Rumination, & Self-Pity

These three states of mental anguish (fearing, ruminating, and indulging in self-pity) really pack a punch. Let’s define these in order to understand them and their companions in more detail:


Fear is the emotional response to perceived threats or danger. While fear is a response to a known or understood threat, anxiety involves a sense of unease, worry, or fear, often about something with an uncertain outcome. It captures the anticipation of future threats. Apprehension, denotes fear or anxiety about the future, highlighting a sense of dread about what’s coming next without necessarily specifying the nature of the threat.


Ruminating involves repeatedly thinking about the same thoughts, which are often sad or dark. It’s a pattern of negative, repetitive thinking. Similar to ruminating, brooding is dwelling on negative thoughts or feelings, but it emphasizes a more melancholic or sullen aspect. While ruminating is specifically about negative thoughts, obsessing can include any persistent thought or idea that takes over one’s mind, not always negative.


This is the feeling of sorrow (often self-directed) over one’s own sufferings or misfortunes.  Similar to self-pity, wallowing conveys indulgence in one’s emotions, particularly sadness or self-pity, but with an implication of remaining in that state without seeking improvement.

Freedom From Mental Anguish

I came upon these videos yesterday. So much truth was disseminated by Christian speaker, Mark DeJesus. He talks about self-compassion, which involves being kind to oneself in instances of pain or failure rather than indulging in self-pity. Self-compassion applies an understanding and forgiving attitude toward oneself, just as Jesus has compassion on us. Many times we have more compassion on others and are willing to forgive them, but fail to do so for our own failings and past mistakes.

I hope you find the truth of God’s Word, that can set us all free, as you consider the message in these videos.  I don’t know Mark DeJesus, but everything he shares is based on the Word of God -the Holy Bible. The way he explains how to overcome them, is so practical.

Video: Overcoming Foreboding

Video: How I Stopped Ruminating

Video: 10 Ways Self Pity Will Destroy You

I encourage you to find more on his YouTube Channel, as I will be exploring more too.