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His Purpose and Timing

At times in our walk we may feel a exhaustion or even a heavy dread that we are not fully living in God’s purpose in our lives. We’ve seen the vision  of what He has for us or maybe we have merely sensed in our spirits that there is more for us to do, to see, to experience in Him. We may be in a place of waiting and being still, we may be in a place of working and believing and need a time of refreshing, or we may be spiraling downward from devices of our own making while God woos us to turn to Him and continue on His way.

In any of these we can become exhausted and lose sight of His path before us. I received wise advice in the past to not mistake panic for inspiration. Let us be careful not to get caught up in the doing just to keep busy, just be about the Father’s business for us.  When we are flowing in His groove and operating in His purposes for us – no matter the task, we have His grace that is all sufficient and replaces our weakness, we have His wisdom that helps us achieve each task before us, and we have His guiding gentle voice whispering to us this is the way walk in it.

Beloved, You strengthen us to walk on the heights with You and when we finish here you will take us on to Your unveiled glory. What a delightful inheritance, but until then help us flow in Your groove so we can bring forth your will on earth as it is in heaven and our purpose can be accomplished here in the land of the living.

     What have I placed within you to bring forth? Is it a book, is it a painting, it is that thing which man has not yet considered. It is that which I choose to create through you. You have a certain tone that you bring forth in My symphony of creation. Fret not at what others do or not do, look only to Me. Keep yourself in tune only with Me. I will play your note to its fullest purpose.

     The more you push into Me by turning your mind to Me, offering your time to those things that I’ve called you to and not the ways or diversions of the world that do not reflect Me or please  Me. Do not grow weary in well doing, do not grow tired and weary in prayer and supplication. Even when that thing that is so dear to your heart seems unmoved even after an extended season of praying and believing – do not turn from Me over this – do not doubt that I have heard you.

     There is a timing factor in which I bring forth. Look at the seasons and understand. I bring forth when I’ve prepared all the parts of the orchestra to play, then when the  thing comes forth it is a chord that is played beautifully and all who hear or look upon it will be blessed and know within their hearts – surely there is a God and his name is Jesus.

     I have much to share with you, but now catch your breath and know that I Am and I make your way. I have not forgotten you, you are always in My sight, I engraved you on the palms of My hands. Your path is not dark to Me and I will not waste on spark of refinement that I’ve made you ready with.

     When the desire comes it will be as a tree of life giving fruit and nourishment and shade and refreshment to all under the reach of its limbs. Cast your care upon Me, do not think this is a simple lesson, for My beloveds must learn it over and over at every stage of our walk.

     Do not take on the burden yourself, but take on My yoke, for it is easy and light. Know that I love you, know that I care for you, Know that I Am good and My plans for you are good. Rejoice  for the one who created the earth and all that is in the universe is the one who speaks to you even now. I Am bigger than you know. Trust Me and rest My love.

     At times when you come before Me to seek My face, you think I will say this thing or that, but I tell you what you need to know for I see where you are and where we are going. Trust that I speak to you what you need to know to take the next steps.

     I have readied you and prepared you for even this day – do not look so far ahead and worry how you will obtain that higher place/vision you have for tomorrow, only be right here where I have you now and I will lead you further when it is time.

  •  “Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”  Isaiah 40:30-31