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Walk with Me

Blessings and riches I speak over you. Riches and honor I speak to you. Why do you think I would not desire to speak to you and give you such things? It is My desire that My children prosper and live in health, not that they grope along on the roadways in despair, want, and sickness/misery.  I have come to give them life and give it more abundantly. By My stripes you were healed. You only have to expect it and accept it.

You asked Me this morning how you manifest My presence. I tell you the truth, you manifest My presence by walking with Me. Get to know Me, welcome Me, as you know more about Me and welcome Me into your heart/life I will manifest My power and glory through you.  t is not something that comes separate from a relationship with Me. You do not receive it as a separate gift that is bestowed upon you without having to open your heart to Me.

You want to see My great works, to be able to touch someone or speak to someone and have them healed – does not My heart desire this very thing?  You will do this for My glory – not for yours.  You think the epitome of our relationship is to be able to pour out on others – it is so much more. If you think the greatest thing you can receive from Me is My power then you miss out on so much more. The greatest thing to come out of our relationship is not My power, My might manifested through you – but it is our hearts communing with each other.

You’ve yet to experience the deeper levels of Me. Seek this and all the other will be effortlessly added unto you. Seek My heart, seek Me as you would a lover/a beloved. Look for Me to come to you and surprise you with glimpses of My character/My nature in everyday things. I delight in revealing Myself to you. Walk with Me as a friend, desire this deep connection with Me – not just a gift bestowed upon you to heal or change circumstances – desire Me.

When you have Me you are unmoved – you are at peace – you are settled and live with a heart of rejoicing and hope. Do not get tangled up in the cares of this world. For did I not call you to overcome the world – not to fear it, not to be fashioned by it – but to shine My light of hope on it by the words you speak in every situation. Seek My heart and My reaction to all circumstances – then speak My words into it. That is when you will see change happen.

I give you great responsibility – life and death are in the power of the tongue. Do not speak your fears and carnal reactions to a circumstance – do not view your possibilities based on your abilities – view your possibilities based on My abilities. Just seek My heart and watchfully expect what I will do. Think big. I am Hope.

Proverbs 18:21

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.