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Importance of Purpose

     My love, I place My hands of refreshment upon your forehead, for have I not lifted you up from your dwelling in a parched place, cast down, empty of hope, and made weary from your journey. Apart from Me ye can do nothing but in Me is full strength, hope restored, and green pastures. I renew your youth as the eagles, I satisfy you as with the riches of faire, I restore your soul, I lead you beside the quiet waters and give you drink. Drink deeply of Me and let the weariness be overtaken with refreshment.

     How lush and green I make you, I bear fruit through the works of your hands, through our time together. I give you words to speak in season, I give you elements to create and refresh the weary – in both the spoken word and the works of your hands you will be refreshment. You will lift up those cast down and set them on My high places, these places they did not know existed. Will they not say, “We did not know this was a place to dwell? We did not know this realty existed.” Oh, but surely it is, surely it is where I’ve created you to dwell.

     You have only walked below your purpose and not in the full strength of My might. Fully enjoying My pleasure and the works of your hands I move upon you to do. It will not be a tiredness that settles upon you at the end of each day, but a satisfaction knowing you have pleased Me knowing you are walking in Divine purpose in all the areas of your life. Yes, this is where I created you to dwell. Any other way is weary to your body and dries up the bones. Any other way is exhausting, but in Me there is fullness of joy and a merry heart doeth good like a medicine.


     Oh live in this place with Me, turn not again to the old ways, in the self-efforts, but rest in Me, seek My face over what shall take place in your life and I will surely give you good gifts. In the silences wait upon Me, in the unctions move in My strength, in both be fully in Me. This will become a more natural way of walking and the ways of your flesh that you have walked in for all of your life will seem unnatural to you. You will look back upon those paths – the one in Me and the one in your own effort where you wrestled for purpose and walked under a heavy load of care and concern and see the difference.

     On My path I will accelerate your steps and you will be in awe at how far we’ve come in even a shorter time. Many live their lives in their won strength and struggle with maintaining a purpose  but no more let this be your lot. Look around for the boundary lines have fallen for you in pleasant places. Yes, there are boundaries I call you to walk in but this is not to restrict you but to hem you so that you will dwell in My green pastures so that you can constantly be a refreshment to others, operate  from My limitless supply, and finally know what it means to live on purpose.

     In this place you will grow closer and closer to beholding My face, then when that which is known to you is moved away and you enter into eternity you will know Me, you will look upon Me with no veil and know Me, the one whom your heart desires. Yes, even the desires of your heart are unknown to you, but I know them. Let Me walk with you and give you the desires of your heart, those desires I fashioned in you from the foundations of the earth. Oh taste and see that the Lord is good.