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Out of An Unlikely Vessel

You have brought me out into a spacious place, you have caused me to stand.

     You stand even this day upon a precipice. You’ve waited, prayed, stood, and longed for My intervention, you longed to see My kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven, for My will to be brought forth here. Beloved, you’ve felt My peace encompassing you and surrounding you like a warm blanket, you are safe from all harm. Know that I Am pleased with what you stand and reveal.

     I will give you utterance of what to say and how to answer, so that all who hear will know these words are from Me. I anoint your speech and your emotions and your voice to speak, “Thus saith the Lord.” I am ready to cleanse this place and set My people free. I have more to do here and there has been a blockage. I remove this and I let the water flow. I impart wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to you to know the right way to walk. I give you understanding of man’s ways and needs. I fill you to fill this position and overflow here.

     Beloved, I desire that you walk and every step is a praise to Me. That you walk here fully in My purposes and pouring out as I lead you. Beloved, I Am mighty to save. What you do by proclaiming My word by faith is what I desire for you to do. I will enable you to say, “Thus saith the Lord.” Out of an unlikely vessel I pour forth words of life and direction. I choose to use one that cannot speak, so that you will know it is My power working through you. Yes, My kingdom principles not only work, but bring forth abundant blessing.

     Be still and wait, My child. Rest in Me, for I Am much pleased with you this day. I see all you pour out and I will pour back into you overflowing. Beloved, feel My pleasure, for I have more for you to do. Be not overwhelmed, for I will provide for you.

     Be at ease, My love for we are entering into new pasture. This place is lush and green and many will find food and rest here. My love, out of 1,000 so many would not lay down their lives for their brethren, but you are willing. I will use this willingness and multiply it, through you I will bear much fruit.